Paper Books Vs. eBook Readers

Paper books used to be the only way to read books for the past hundreds of years until the advent of the computer, and then the eBook reader. Some people may prefer the printed book, while others may prefer the eBook reader. If you’re uncertain, this guide may help you decide on your next purchase.

The Benefits of Paper Books

Many people love the feel of a printed book in hand, as well as the fresh smell of newly printed paper. Even older books have a distinctive smell to them. Paper books are gentler on the eyes, and they never fail. You can pick them up, and they’ll be ready for you to continue reading that exciting story. Many non-fiction full colour printed books are better seen on a large printed page of paper. You can also check out a variety of paper books from your local library so you don’t even have to spend money on them.

The Negatives of Printed Books

Printed books may eventually wear out and fall apart. Spilled water is also not kind to them. Books also take up a large amount of space on the shelf. If you have a large collection of non-fiction books, it may be difficult to source a book for a project you are working on, unless you have previously devised a good filing system for them.

The Benefits of eBook Readers

eBook readers are usually smaller than a book but they can potentially hold up to thousands of books. Many have screens where you can adjust the size of the print and the brightness of the screen to suit you. You can add an electronic bookmark that will never fall out of the book or go missing. Many libraries also have a vast collection of eBooks so you’ll have plenty of material at hand.

The Negatives of eBook Readers

eBook readers can be susceptible to drops. Their quality may also be in question depending on the type you have purchased. Many people have experienced eBook reader failure and have lost all the books they have recently purchased, particularly if they weren’t backed up to a computer.
The glare from the screen can also be a problem for people who suffer from vision problems or headaches. The light from the screen can also wreck havoc with your brain’s sleeping pattern, keeping you awake all night long. eBook readers may also not be the best choice for viewing photography books, as the small screen may be only black and white. The cost of eBook readers may also be too expensive for the average person to buy on a spur-of-the-moment purchase.

Paper books versus eBook readers is usually a personal preference. Some people may choose to continue reading real books, while still having a ready supply of reading material on their eBook readers too. But as long as there are bookstores open in your city, real printed books are still going to be a popular choice for many readers.