BackBox Strengthens Focus on Network Security Automation with Launch of Managed Service Provider Program and Hiring of Key Executives


DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Back box, a leading provider of network automation, security and management, today announced an increased focus on solving network security challenges through automation with two key executive hires and the launch of an official Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) program. . BackBox welcomes Josh Stephens as Chief Strategy Officer and Gautam Shankar as Vice President of MSP Sales.

“This is the culmination of effort around a product that has been crafted by some of the best minds in cybersecurity,” said Andrew Kahl, CEO of BackBox. “Our solution has reached a point where we can adapt it to businesses of different types and sizes to improve network security. Josh’s 29 years of experience in cybersecurity, network engineering and software company culture will prove instrumental in executing the scaling of the automation solution. of BackBox’s network security for businesses around the world.

“MSPs and MSSPs play an important role in our network security automation strategy because small businesses typically don’t have a dedicated network engineer or access to the talent needed to automate network capabilities. Small and medium enterprises (SMBs) have few options when it comes to network security and therefore outsource network security to MSSPs,” Kahl continued. “That’s why I engaged Gautam to lead our efforts to generate value in these markets. One of my top priorities at BackBox is to fuel the growth of our MSP and MSSP programs, bringing our unique network security automation benefits to more businesses around the world.

Stephens’ nearly three-decade experience includes military service as a network engineer and cybersecurity specialist in the United States Air Force; building very complex networks for some of the world’s largest banks, airports and corporations for international network services (INS); and member of the founding team of SolarWinds. Stephens has also held senior roles at Idera, Itential and Elsewhere Partners, where he most recently served as CTO. Stephens has extended his strategic influence as an angel investor and director on the board of several companies, some of which include Evo Security, (now part of Google) and ActivTrak.

In his new role at BackBox, Stephens will focus on product growth, strategy, delivering value to managed security vendors, building key technology partnerships, and helping design a community program for enrich the experience of BackBox customers.

“It’s hard to look at what’s going on in the world and not realize that we’re losing the war on cybercrime,” Stephens said. “This is a rallying cry for network security companies around the world to put more emphasis on protecting our networks and continuously improving perimeter security. What’s exciting about BackBox is that it can be used to fuel a culture of continuous improvement in network security posture through automation. Network security is a priority for organizations of all sizes, but mid-tier businesses in particular face the biggest hurdles as internal teams struggle to keep pace with patch management, validation of compliance and correction; all this on top of the growing complexity of modern multi-cloud network environments. BackBox is unique in that the solution makes it easy to keep networks up-to-date and secure with convenient, easy-to-use automation.

Shankar, an experienced cybersecurity and information technology leader, has led partner programs at companies including Salesforce, Oracle, and RSA. He specializes in helping businesses with digital transformation, complex enterprise security solutions such as network security, information and data security, identity management, vulnerability management, risk and endpoint compliance and security.

At BackBox, Shankar will focus on building a mutually beneficial MSP/MSSP channel program to bring the benefits of network security automation to more businesses, with a particular focus on SME.

“SMBs face a unique set of network security challenges,” Shankar said. “SMBs typically lack the in-house expertise and resources to protect their networks from the onslaught of cyber threats. My primary focus at BackBox is to help MSPs and MSSPs accelerate their network security automation capabilities, as they are essential strategic partners for organizations around the world in strengthening their security posture. .

BackBox closed a $32 million Series A growth funding round led by Elsewhere Partners in October 2021 and established a new global headquarters in Dallas, Texas, with a sister office in Tel Aviv, Israel. In March, BackBox reported 40% growth in recurring revenue, 20% growth in bookings, including new energy, finance and entertainment customers in the US and Europe , and customer retention above 95% in 2021.

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