ENA launches simplified network connection process for electric vehicles and heat pumps


A new streamlined process for connecting electric vehicles (EVs) and heat pumps to the electricity grid has been launched.

Installers will no longer have to fill out additional paperwork when these devices are connected to the grid, the Energy Networks Association (ENA) said. By making it easier to connect charging points for electric vehicles and heat pumps by bringing them online, the association hopes it will facilitate the transition to electrified solutions.

Additionally, the new process will create valuable data to inform ongoing infrastructure deployment, creating a new database that will provide quick and easy access to anonymous information for charging station installers and network companies.

The database of electric vehicle charging points allows installers to see the model and type of set to be installed, as well as allowing networks to access technical information, capacity and quality data of the energy, in order to evaluate individual applications.

“Electric vehicles and heat pumps are coming to a street and home near you soon, and it’s our job as network companies to make deployment as quick and easy as possible,” Dan said. Clarke, head of innovation at ENA.

“Working with installers, we’re simplifying and speeding up current processes while making data available and accessible, providing a real boost on the road to net zero.”

The need to increase network capacity to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles and heat pumps has been a key element of the DNO’s recent RIIO-ED2 draft plans. For example, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks is working to enable the connection of 1.3 million additional electric vehicles and 800,000 heat pumps from 2023-28.

ENA plans to further streamline the login process with an app and web portal. This would include image recognition technology to allow networks to visually identify household power cuts, as well as barcodes for charging stations and heat pumps.


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