Guilty Gear Strive patch 1.10 reduces network connection time when logging in, introduces universal mechanical changes, and more


A new Guilty Gear Strive patch is now available on PC and consoles, introducing quality of life improvements, universal mechanic changes, and more.

Patch 1.10 reduces network connection time when connecting, which before the patch was released was extremely long for anyone outside of Japan. The patch also introduces a new tournament feature on PlayStation 4, changes and fixes for network mode, practice mode, and more.

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Patch 1.10 also brings balance changes for the entire roster as well as universal mechanic changes like special projectile moves, air attacks, and anti-aircraft changes. The full patch notes are available on the official Guilty Gear Strive website.

Guilty Gear Strive launched earlier this year for PC and PlayStation consoles. While the game lacks a bit of content, especially compared to previous entries in the series, the accessibility of Guilty Gear Strive makes it a great fighting game for all kinds of players, as Kai points out in its review.

The review period, much like the Early Access event that’s about to happen for those who have spent extra money on the Deluxe Editions, is missing much of the content fans can hope for in the version. complete. And even then, much of Guilty Gear Strive feels like it’s set for a future roadmap at some point. For a local gaming experience, Strive is absolutely excellent, but trying to venture into mission and combo modes and you won’t find anything there, and trying to match friends online will only be an exercise in frustration with the game. implementation of the half-baked lobby. . For those who want an accessible yet masterful example of combat crafting, Strive can have a long life ahead of it if Arc System Works can fix Day One issues and deliver the roster updates fans have been asking for from Accent Core. .

Guilty Gear Strive is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 worldwide.


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