The iSIM, the network card integrated into the smartphone, was presented


Qualcomm and Vodafone jointly demonstrated iSIM technology, a SIM card embedded in the smartphone, with a working smartphone. The demo used a modified Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 with a Snapdragon 888 chip integrated with a Qualcomm secure processing unit. While the already known eSIM technology works via a separate chip, iSIM works using the phone’s own system chip.

According to Qualcomm, integrating the network card into the smartphone’s processor will allow for better performance, better system integration and greater memory capacity, as well as freeing up space inside the device. According to the manufacturer, iSIM could be integrated into a wide range of devices, and the technology could be used in laptops, tablets and VR headsets, allowing users to access mobile communications on even more devices. devices.

In a statement on Qualcomm’s iSIM technology, it is stated that the technology offers great opportunities for service providers, frees up valuable space inside devices and enables users to take full advantage of the potential of 5G networks and the user experience it brings. provide on most devices.

Smartphones, laptops, virtual and/or augmented reality headsets, and industrial IoT devices can get the most out of iSIM, according to the US.

Vodafone also added its own thoughts to this statement, saying its aim is to create a world where all assets are connected to each other in a simple and seamless way and where the customer is in full control. According to the telecom service provider, iSIM, combined with its remote management platform, is an important step in achieving this. They also added that using the technology would also allow customers to use multiple accounts on a single device at the same time. Although both companies have long mentioned the benefits of iSIM, neither has discussed when the standard will be introduced in commercially available devices.

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