Windows 10 network connection is not working


Hello, I bought a Lenovo laptop with Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit (version: 20H2). The first week went well, but after updating Windows 10 I started to experience a lot of issues. The most annoying thing is that my WiFi adapter is not working properly.

Here is my problem:

I start the laptop, my Wifi connects normally without any problem. After about 25 minutes without using my laptop, the Wifi adapter icon changes to and the available networks disappear, all I can see is the airplane mode option.

This not only happens in this case, but also when I manually disconnect from the internet and then reconnect, the same problem occurs. Here take a look at this video

Is there anyway to correct this? It’s annoying and slows down my work, like I have to restart my laptop every time it happens.

[Note: I tried every solution possible on YouTube, and Google, but none of them worked]

[Note 2: I also have sleep problem, where my laptop shuts down instead of going into sleep mode, and it won’t even go into sleep mode when I press the power button]

Additional information:

1- I am sitting right next to the router

2- My other laptop displays the available networks perfectly, unlike the current one

3- AutoConfig WLAN service is running and set to Autostart

4- When I go to “Network and Internet settings> Advanced network settings> Change adapter options”, I see my wireless adapter disabled and greyed out, when I right click on it and click “Activate” , it shows me a dialog that says “Activation” after a few seconds, it changes to “Activated” but nothing happens, the wireless adapter is still grayed out and disabled

5- When I go to “Device Manager> Network Drivers” and I right click on my wifi adapter, I can’t do anything about it. I can’t install a new driver, update the current driver, or uninstall the current driver (can’t even go back). Once I click on one of them it will keep charging forever (I left it charging for a whole day and it’s still not over)

6- When I try to update my wifi adapter, I right click on my wifi adapter, I go to “Properties> Driver> Update driver> Browse my computer for drivers> I choose from a list of drivers available on my computer “I can’t see my newly downloaded driver (this is the driver I’m trying to install: for-windows-10-64 -bit-lenovo-iot520)

7- I go to “Network and Internet settings> Advanced network settings> Reset network” but nothing changes. I also do this in CMD to be sure, but again nothing is happening

8- I right click on the Wifi icon, I click on “Troubleshoot> Wi-Fi> Next”, but it keeps loading forever. It says “Troubleshooting – Starting Network Diagnostics”.

9- I go to “Control Panel> Power Options> Change plan settings> Change advanced power settings> Wireless adapter settings> On battery: maximum performance | Plugged in: maximum performance” still nothing does not change.

10- I tried everything in this video: but nothing worked

11- It cannot be a virus, because I have the paid version of Kaspersky Security (licensed) with the free version of Avast. So I have strong protection

12- I did the CMD test by writing “ping” the replica I had a stable ping, it means my hardware is fine

Specifications of my laptop:

Edition – Windows 10 Professional

Version – 20H2

Operating system version – 19042.1288

System – 64 bit

I appreciate that you took your time to read my post, any help or response will be helpful. Thanks in advance.


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